Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am going into withdrawal... send help!!

I am hopeless... about 5 months ago I was turned on to Fanfiction. Theere are some hellagood stories on there that I read regularly! I wake up in the morning and go through my e-mail with glee to see which of my stories got updates! I have shared my love for fanfiction with many people but the only convert so far (a little anyways) is Rhonda. All I am gonna say about that tis the word "submissive" hehehehe! Imagine now, my world has been rocked to the core due to the fact that fanfiction has been down all day! I mean all day! No new stories for me to read, no updates on the ones I already love! No e-mail for me and I think I might need an intervention! I need my fanfiction like I need air, water and shelter... I am one sick puppy!

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BriteCloud said...

I am with you sista! Been thinking of not much else myself. But got an update today. You got it, right?!

Curse you and your obsessions that you pass on to me!!! LOL