Saturday, August 23, 2008


I finished it. It took me forever but I finished it! This book was good but it didnt have the same feel as the others.And what kind of name is Renesme anyway??!!! I am way more attached to my fanfiction.... it actually could have been a fanfiction story.. goodness knows there are a few that have the same ring as the actual book. I am done ranting.... I read my blog today and noticed something kind of off. I guess there are several ways to take the way I said "hire out" so I will clarify. My talent for scrapbooking has been hired out. I just finished a 8x8 baby girl book for a friend of mine from the store. I have to say it was quite beautiful ( now that I have broken my arm patting myself on the back ) hehehe. She has also asked me to do a Ministy book for her and I am quite excited! I willpost pics when I am finished.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Edward is a Beefcake

I am about 2/3's through my new book and I am pleased for the most part with it. My obsessed friends and I made a very fun girls night out of the book release party. We had a blast and even met some more crazed fans who are super sweet! We got in line at 5:00 for our armbands the purchase our book and were even the first group to get in at midnight to buy it! Which tickled me to no end! I was so excited that I have to admit I read ahead a little cause I couldnt wait. To those that know me this isnt a surprise. I have also been reading fanfiction and and am as obsessed with that as I am with the books. Its a small way of never letting it end!