Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello To All

I know I totally stink at keeping this updated! I had my surgery and I am 9 days post-op today. I feel great! They didnt take my ovaries so no hormone therapies for me ! YAY! I was more nervous about that than anything else. Summer is officially here with 100 degree heat! We just stay inside with no lights on and hybernate. Since surgery I havent really done anything but read and play Bejewelled my new obsession! I can say that I have enjoyed the no housework and for the first week no cooking! It was awesome. The kids have beenr helping around here alot. Well, in between going going going for the summer!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

All Clear Baby!!!

Well, that time is upon us again and I am very happy to report that we are cancer free once again! Scans were on Monday May 4th and I got the results back on Thursday. We actually are down to 2 test now instead of 3 and are back at every 6 months now! They cut out the bone scan so now he just has the CAT Scan and the MRI. School is getting better for him and he is only having problems in one class. I started a new job... I now work for Novel Approach in Friendswood. Its only on Fridats and 2 Saturdays a month. Oh, how I missed all the new things coming in and getting excited about new projects and being inspired!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am going into withdrawal... send help!!

I am hopeless... about 5 months ago I was turned on to Fanfiction. Theere are some hellagood stories on there that I read regularly! I wake up in the morning and go through my e-mail with glee to see which of my stories got updates! I have shared my love for fanfiction with many people but the only convert so far (a little anyways) is Rhonda. All I am gonna say about that tis the word "submissive" hehehehe! Imagine now, my world has been rocked to the core due to the fact that fanfiction has been down all day! I mean all day! No new stories for me to read, no updates on the ones I already love! No e-mail for me and I think I might need an intervention! I need my fanfiction like I need air, water and shelter... I am one sick puppy!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Has it really been 3 months!!!

Oh my goodness it realy has been 3 months since my last update! Well, first off Dylan had scans on January 6th and I am happy to report cancer free once again. We are even going every 6 months now for scans instead of every 3 months which is awesome. We had some snow in December...can you believe? At this moment on January 10th I actually have my air conditioner on... make up your damn mind please! I have finished some "for hire" projects and have been just relaxing for the past few weeks. David was on vacation and we did absolutely NOTHING for a whole week... that was sweet!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Cup Runneth Over

I am VERY happy to report Dylan is cancer free! Our prayers were answered with his latest pathology report. What a relief to us and everyone that prayed for us! He is doing great and very happy to be on Thanksgiving break. Boy, do we have alot to be thankful for. On another note the movie was fantastic. I have seen it twice.. once with my girls and once with David. He liked it also. New Moon is a go so I guess we will be waiting patiently for that to come out also. Sooooo exciting!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Were waiting...

Time is so random... when at work it goes by sooo slow. At a party or being with family it goes soooo fast. This waiting for the surgery is agonizing! I feel like I want to call the doctor and see if he can slip Dylan in sooner to his schedule. OK I am ranting but this is so all comsuming of our lives. Everyone in this house is on edge.. even the people not living with us that love and care about us are on edge. Whether you are holding a new baby, or at work, or in school (Dylan) and just basically doing what we all do everyday ... a minute is still 60 seconds and an hour is still 60 minutes. They all count and they all matter.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Cancer Sucks!!!

I havent talked about our battle with cancer on this before but it has come to the point where it has been placed in the forefront of our lives again. Our son was diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma in June of 2006. He has been cancer free since Feb. of 2007. He gets scanned every 3 months for the next 5 years. On Sept 2nd his scan found a mass of some kind on his neck area. Thinking it could be an infected lymph node we have been going to Texas Children's Hospital every 2 weeks for the site to be checked. His re-scan of the area showed no change and another mass under his chin. This has baffled doctors because in 6 weeks (the time span between scans) the mass should have done something. If it was cancer it would have grown.... an infected lymph node it would have shrunk. The concensus is to have them both removed which will happen on the 17th of Nov. My Mom gut tells me it is a benign growth but only when we get the pathology back will we know for sure.